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    Just in time for Mother’s Day and for Father’s Day or “just because”. Lena and Ole have garden flags or flags to place in or near the door of your home — (could be a house or an RV). They are 2-sided flags that measure 13? x 18.5? and are made with a heat sublimation process that creates long lasting, bright colors. The following garden flags are available for $15.00 including shipping anywhere in the US: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish (the Scandinavian designs are all of the crests of these countries). We also have the official state flag designs from Arizona, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and a US flag. They are all pictured below. To order, just call 414-74-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com.

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    Join Lena and Ole as they travel to Yuma, Arizona for a Scandinavian Festival

    Yuma Scandinavian Show

    Come and visit us in our booth in Yuma Arizona at the Yuma Civic and Convention Center for the 15th Annual Scandinavian Festival on:

    Saturday February 18th 2017,
    9a.m. to 3p.m.Yuma Civic Center
    1440 W. Desert Hills Drive, off Avenue A & 36th Street

    *Food, music and arts from the five Scandinavian Countries will be featured.:

    The Yuma Accordion Band and the String Ambassadors provide entertainment. While musicians play, you will have opportunities to dance!

    The Sola Lodge of the Sons of Norway will be preparing and selling lefse, rommegrot, abelskivers and Swedish waffles. Booths offer coffee and cookies. A Scandinavian luncheon plate is served from 1:00 to 1:30 by the Civic Center’s catering staff in the buffet room.

    Throughout the day, Nordic arts and crafts will available for sale from Scandinavian businesses and artists.

    If you like the Norwegian flag soccer shirt that the MC is wearing in the picture – that’s one of our items for sale. We also have Swedish flag soccer shirts available.

    When you are done with the fair, remember that Yuma is a great place to get fresh vegetables — the entire area is filled with farms of tomatoes, lettuce and many more vegetables …. I know that many of my Midwestern customers would love to experience the weather in Arizona right now.

    Questions about the fair — just e-mail me at lenaole130@gmail.com.

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    Buy flags, windsocks, and Norge vimples from Lena and Ole’s Gifts

    We carry the large traditional Norwegian “flag” that can be flown all the time — not just on traditional Norwegian flag days. Anyone traveling in Norway has seen this beautiful large triangle shaped flag flying over Norwegian homes all year round. We have the vimple available for $49.00 plus shipping — a traditional way that Norwegians fly their colors and let everyone know when they are at home during non-flag days. It is a great Christmas gift. One of our favorite items is a windsock — available with Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish flag designs as well as the US flag. We even have a German windsocks since Lane (also known as Ole) has German roots. We also carry English and Italian windsocks while supplies last! They are only $19.95 plus shipping and are high quality, stitched nylon pieces (not printed) and will hold up well outside.

    Call 414-745-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com to have it sent to you or your gift recipient.

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    Birgitte Frigast Porcelain Babies are adorable!

    Bertram and Fie

    If you love to collect dolls, you should consider this wonderful collection created by Danish designer, Birgitte Frigast.  Birgitte Frigast designs every face herself and, with the help of a doll sculptor, creates the final look. The personality and clothes of the pixie are also designed by Birgitte Frigast, down to the very last detail. There is nothing left to chance in the production process. Birgitte Frigast checks everything from the initial stages until the pixie is finished and has "come to life".

    The porcelain, which the head, hands and feet are made of, is of a quality normally only used by the likes of Royal Copenhagen. The porcelain mould is only used 30 times, after which time it is discarded and replaced by a new one. This means that our pixies always have 100% perfect features.  The faces are different, giving each doll a different personality.  After glazing the porcelain is fired three times to ensure colour-fastness and prevent fading.

    All of the figures come in a beautiful gift box which is not only attractive packaging but also provides the pixies with a good resting place if they are not to be displayed all year round. These dolls are a fabulous gift (especially for new parents and their baby) that can be handed down over the generations.  they must be seen to be really appreciated. If you are interested in availability, just e-mail us at lenaole130@ gmail.com  or call 414-745-4362. Both babies are $29.95 each including shipping.

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    Swedish Dish Cloths are the #1 seller in Lena and Ole’s Booth

    If you haven’t started using the Swedish dish cloths, only $5.95 each in a huge array of designs, you are missing out. This dry sponge cloth was invented in 1949 in Sweden by engineer Curt Lindqvist. The cloth is printed with environmentally safe and water based colors and is washable in your dishwasher or clothes washer. The amazing cloth removes (due to a texture on the back) those pesky stains on granite and your metal kitchen appliances. It also can absorb 15 times its own weight but then dries in an incredibly short time, eliminating that nasty smell associated with regular washcloths. It is made of natural cellulose and cotton and is 100% biodegradable. If you order 3 or more (call 414-745-4362), shipping is free.

    It makes a great gift (cheaper than many greeting cards) and is useable, unique, and easily mailed.

    We will add new designs later.

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    Beautiful electric Wooden Candelabra available from Lena and Ole’s Gifts

    7-light natural electric candelebra

    Add this traditional Scandinavian electric wooden candelebra to your windows to create a welcome to your home. It has a long cord with a switch so also work well on the fireplace mantel or on a buffet.

    The candelebra is available for $42.50 plus shipping (7 light designs in natural as pictured). The wooden light is also available with 5 lights in white for $34.50 plus shippping We also have the special replacement lights (package of 3) available for the 5 and 7 light for $5.00 including shipping.

    Please call 414-745-4362 to order.

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    Aust Agder bunad figurine available

    Bunad Figurines can be purchased at Lena & Ole's Gifts in Woodville, Wisconsin.
    The Norwegian Bunad Collection is made of authentically replicated regional costumes. Each figurine is sculptured by a master craftsman, cast in the finest materials and hand painted to preserve the smallest details. The Collection has been assembled in collaboration with, and recommended by, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum) Oslo, and the Folk & National Costume Council (Bunad og Folkedraktråder), Fagernes. Each freestanding figurine is approximately 7 inches tall and is on sale for $19.50 plus shipping. Call 414-745-4362 at Lena and Ole's Gifts  or email lenaole130@gmail.com to order. We only have 1 Aust Agder female figure left– don’t wait to order.

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    The bunad from Setesdal

    The bunad from Setesdal The bunad from Setesdal has one of the longest traditions, being one of the oldest folk costumes in the country. The skirt has had the same design since the last part of the 17th Century, and maybe even longer. The women wore a frieze skirt with a leather belt for daily use. For church or festive occasions they would wear a black skirt over this white one. Brides would wear several skirts. The costume used today is the style used for church. This bunad has two skirts, a white skirt under and a black over skirt. Note the “fat” calves this woman has. The story goes that the men were always looking for strong and healthy women to marry, so the young girls would stuff extra socks in their stockings to appear to be of hefty stock.
    About the Bunad Figurine Collection
    The Bunad Figurine Collection is a great gift giving idea and a wonderful way to share the traditions of our heritage with our children and grandchildren. It will be cherished by your family for years and years to come. Each 7 inch tall statuette is sculptured by a master craftsman, cast in a crushed stone and resin compound, and hand painted to preserve even the minutest detail. The collection has been assembled in collaboration with, and is recommended by, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norsk Folkemuseum, located in Oslo and The Folk and National Costume Council, Bunad-og Folkedraktrådet, located in Fagernes.

    Each figurine is now on sale for $19.50 including shipping. Please call 414-745-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com to order. We only have 1 female Setesdal figurine remaining.

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