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  • No Yuma show in 2018

    Hello friends, I just want you to know there will be no show in Yuma, Arizona this year. This is due to illness on the committee — we wish them well and hope all will be in place in 2019.

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    Rogaland male bunad figurine available at Lena and Ole’s Gifts

    Rogaland Rogaland_Man

    The authentic replica Rogaland figurines are wonderful reminders of the Rogaland region of Norway. I have only one Rogaland males left. The figurines are ON SALE for only $19.50 including shipping. Call 414-745-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com to order.

    About the Bunad Figurine Collection
    The Bunad Figurine Collection is a great gift giving idea and a wonderful way to share the traditions of our heritage with our children and grandchildren. It will be cherished by your family for years and years to come. Each 7 inch tall statuette is sculptured by a master craftsman, cast in a crushed stone and resin compound, and hand painted to preserve even the minutest detail. The collection has been assembled in collaboration with, and is recommended by, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Norsk Folkemuseum, located in Oslo and The Folk and National Costume Council, Bunad-og Folkedraktrådet, located in Fagernes.

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    Lena and Ole’s Gifts has closed in Woodville but the shop “is on the move”!

    Yes, it’s true, we closed our shop on August 6, 2011. We are on the road — taking our wares to Scandinavian shows, festivals, RV rallys. It is giving us an opportunity for additional travel across the country (before we get any older). Yes, our bucket list is growing and we need to get a start on it. Check the website to find our next show or send me an e-mail at jewelsdi@yahoo.com and you can be updated by being added to our occasional e-mail updates on where we are going to be. Here’s a picture of how we move around the country:

    Lena and Ole are on the move in this RV

    Lena and Ole are on the move in this RV

    Mange Takk… (thank you in Norwegian)

    Lena (Julie)

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    Uncle Goose Nursery rhyme blocks perfect gift for new baby.

    Hickory, dickory, block. An update of a classic set, these fun and memorable blocks help children to learn their nursery rhymes. They are perfect for playing, reading, learning or as a nursery decoration, which makes it a great baby shower gift. Each block is embossed with two silhouette images from classic Mother Goose stories, and the text for nine nursery rhymes is printed on the other four sides. The colors may vary.

    These 9 nursery block set made in Michigan of natural, kiln-dried Michigan Basswood are safe, heirloom quality gifts. The set is only $16.50 plus shipping. Call 414-745-4362 to order today.

    Nursery rhyme blocks

    Nursery rhyme blocks

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    Uncle Goose Language Blocks

    Lena and Ole searched far and wide to find high quality toys made in the United States and Scandinavia.  We are again stocking something parents, grandparents, and great grandparents will love for those special children in their lives.  These blocks (like the old-fashioned wood blocks some of us played with growing up) are high-quality Michigan basswood and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We have blocks in stock that can help your little ones start to learn a language at a time when it's easier to learn — when they are learning to speak.  The blocks have letters and pictures that correspond with Norwegian alphabet.  The blocks are $43 plus shipping. There are 30 blocks in the Norwegian set. They are of the quality that will be handed down to the next generation. Call 414-745-4362 to order – shipping is extra. Order early to have them for Christmas gift giving.

    Norwegian Blocks

    Norwegian Blocks

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    Buy flags, windsocks, and Norge vimples from Lena and Ole’s Gifts

    We carry the large traditional Norwegian “flag” that can be flown all the time — not just on traditional Norwegian flag days. Anyone traveling in Norway has seen this beautiful large triangle shaped flag flying over Norwegian homes all year round. We have the vimple available for $49.00 plus shipping — a traditional way that Norwegians fly their colors and let everyone know when they are at home during non-flag days. It is a great Christmas gift. One of our favorite items is a windsock — available with Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish flag designs as well as the US flag. We even have a German windsocks since Lane (also known as Ole) has German roots. We also carry English and Italian windsocks while supplies last! They are only $19.95 plus shipping and are high quality, stitched nylon pieces (not printed) and will hold up well outside.

    Call 414-745-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com to have it sent to you or your gift recipient.

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    Swedish Dish Cloths are the #1 seller in Lena and Ole’s Booth

    If you haven’t started using the Swedish dish cloths, only $5.95 each in a huge array of designs, you are missing out. This dry sponge cloth was invented in 1949 in Sweden by engineer Curt Lindqvist. The cloth is printed with environmentally safe and water based colors and is washable in your dishwasher or clothes washer. The amazing cloth removes (due to a texture on the back) those pesky stains on granite and your metal kitchen appliances. It also can absorb 15 times its own weight but then dries in an incredibly short time, eliminating that nasty smell associated with regular washcloths. It is made of natural cellulose and cotton and is 100% biodegradable. If you order 3 or more (call 414-745-4362), shipping is free.

    It makes a great gift (cheaper than many greeting cards) and is useable, unique, and easily mailed.

    We will add new designs later.

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    Scandinavian Almond Cake in the interesting shaped pan!

    Almond cake bottom design

    Almond cake bottom design

    One of the most popular items from Lena and Ole's Gifts is the Scandinavian almond cake pan.  This cake is very popular with my customers because it is easy to make, freezes well, and is very pretty when done.  There are two different recipes posted in our recipe section that work well in this unique pan.  When served on one of the beautiful trays, perhaps with fresh strawberries and whipped cream or your favorite toppings, your guests will be impressed and will love the prominent almond flavor of this outstanding moist cake.            

    The aluminum nonstick pan is available for $12.50 plus shipping from Lena and Ole’s Gifts. Call 414-745-4362 to order.

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