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    — "well, she says, ders dis new book dat is pretty good"  — it's called Ole & Lena — A Stud and a Hot Dish" — — probably da best gift for dat hard-to-buy for Scandinavian guy!!"  Just got in a new supply — only $6.95 plus shipping.  Call 414-745-4362 to order a big supply for Christmas (never too early to start shopping!!).

    So here goes… sample joke:  "Ole and Sven were driving in a camper that was 13 feet high when they stopped at an underpass (Lena's always warning Ole about those underpasses on the way to Arizona every January).  Well Ole and Sven saw a sign that read, "low bridge.  No vehicles over 12 feet".  "Vat do you tink, Sven?" asked Ole.  "Vell, dere's no cops around, " Sven answered.  " I say ve hit da gas pedal and go for it". 

    Now they have a great new book “Lena is from Minot and Ole is from Uranus — a hilarious flip-flop book!

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