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    Ole and Lena:  Women are from Minot...Men are from Uranus

    Ole and Lena: Women are from Minot…Men are from Uranus


    Yes, it’s true — a flip flop book — read the jokes in one half “e.g. “women are from Minot” and then flip the book over and read je jokes about “men are from Uranus”. Bruce Danielsen and Ann Berg from Cambridge, Minnesota are well qualified to write about those classic Norwegians, Ole and Lena. This great paperback is filled with crazy pictures and jokes for only $6.95. A must have for any Scandinavian — almost cheaper than a get-well card and lots cheaper to laugh than to “take pills” to feel better. Call Lena at 414-745-4362 to order!

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    Lena and Ole Joke Books

    If you need some more jokes about Lena and Ole (notice Lena always likes to list herself first), we've got lots of the  Red Stangland Ole and Lena Joke books (#1 – #8).  Now Ole says those are a bargain — still only $2.50 each plus shipping  — $1.00 each.  "Cheap, says Ole”, call 414-745-4362 or e-mail us.

    Breaking news: yes, there are now 8. When the Stangland sons (authors of the $2.50 Lena and Ole joke books) were cleaning their North Dakota warehouse, they found a #8!! It had evidently been forgotten and we now have it in stock while it lasts. Just as funny as the others!!

    Oleand Lena Jokes #8

    Oleand Lena Jokes #8

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