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    If you need some more jokes about Lena and Ole (notice Lena always likes to list herself first), we've got lots of the  Red Stangland Ole and Lena Joke books (#1 – #8).  Now Ole says those are a bargain — still only $2.50 each plus shipping  — $1.00 each.  "Cheap, says Ole”, call 414-745-4362 or e-mail us.

    Breaking news: yes, there are now 8. When the Stangland sons (authors of the $2.50 Lena and Ole joke books) were cleaning their North Dakota warehouse, they found a #8!! It had evidently been forgotten and we now have it in stock while it lasts. Just as funny as the others!!

    Oleand Lena Jokes #8

    Oleand Lena Jokes #8

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