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    Just in time for Mother’s Day and for Father’s Day or “just because”. Lena and Ole have garden flags or flags to place in or near the door of your home — (could be a house or an RV). They are 2-sided flags that measure 13? x 18.5? and are made with a heat sublimation process that creates long lasting, bright colors. The following garden flags are available for $15.00 including shipping anywhere in the US: Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish (the Scandinavian designs are all of the crests of these countries). We also have the official state flag designs from Arizona, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and a US flag. They are all pictured below. To order, just call 414-74-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com.

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    Buy flags, windsocks, and Norge vimples from Lena and Ole’s Gifts

    We carry the large traditional Norwegian “flag” that can be flown all the time — not just on traditional Norwegian flag days. Anyone traveling in Norway has seen this beautiful large triangle shaped flag flying over Norwegian homes all year round. We have the vimple available for $49.00 plus shipping — a traditional way that Norwegians fly their colors and let everyone know when they are at home during non-flag days. It is a great Christmas gift. One of our favorite items is a windsock — available with Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish flag designs as well as the US flag. We even have a German windsocks since Lane (also known as Ole) has German roots. We also carry English and Italian windsocks while supplies last! They are only $19.95 plus shipping and are high quality, stitched nylon pieces (not printed) and will hold up well outside.

    Call 414-745-4362 or e-mail lenaole130@gmail.com to have it sent to you or your gift recipient.

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