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    Lena and Ole searched far and wide to find high quality toys made in the United States and Scandinavia.  We are again stocking something parents, grandparents, and great grandparents will love for those special children in their lives.  These blocks (like the old-fashioned wood blocks some of us played with growing up) are high-quality Michigan basswood and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We have blocks in stock that can help your little ones start to learn a language at a time when it's easier to learn — when they are learning to speak.  The blocks have letters and pictures that correspond with Norwegian alphabet.  The blocks are $43 plus shipping. There are 30 blocks in the Norwegian set. They are of the quality that will be handed down to the next generation. Call 414-745-4362 to order – shipping is extra. Order early to have them for Christmas gift giving.

    Norwegian Blocks

    Norwegian Blocks

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    Swedish Dish Cloths are the #1 seller in Lena and Ole’s Booth

    If you haven’t started using the Swedish dish cloths, only $5.95 each in a huge array of designs, you are missing out. This dry sponge cloth was invented in 1949 in Sweden by engineer Curt Lindqvist. The cloth is printed with environmentally safe and water based colors and is washable in your dishwasher or clothes washer. The amazing cloth removes (due to a texture on the back) those pesky stains on granite and your metal kitchen appliances. It also can absorb 15 times its own weight but then dries in an incredibly short time, eliminating that nasty smell associated with regular washcloths. It is made of natural cellulose and cotton and is 100% biodegradable. If you order 3 or more (call 414-745-4362), shipping is free.

    It makes a great gift (cheaper than many greeting cards) and is useable, unique, and easily mailed.

    We will add new designs later.

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    Interested in merchandise described in the Log — just e-mail or call Lena at 414-745-4362. You can order by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express).  We charge actual postage with no sales tax for out-of-Arizona (our residence) orders. 

    We have lots of merchandise (or can get it for you) that isn't on-line — just call or e-mail your questions to lenaole130@gmail.com. No extra charge for gift wrapping — we can mail the gift right to the receiver.

    Some merchandise may not be immediately available for shipping if we are on the road!

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    Another Lena and Ole Joke Book!

    Ole and Lena:  Women are from Minot...Men are from Uranus

    Ole and Lena: Women are from Minot…Men are from Uranus


    Yes, it’s true — a flip flop book — read the jokes in one half “e.g. “women are from Minot” and then flip the book over and read je jokes about “men are from Uranus”. Bruce Danielsen and Ann Berg from Cambridge, Minnesota are well qualified to write about those classic Norwegians, Ole and Lena. This great paperback is filled with crazy pictures and jokes for only $6.95. A must have for any Scandinavian — almost cheaper than a get-well card and lots cheaper to laugh than to “take pills” to feel better. Call Lena at 414-745-4362 to order!

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